Tejus Dasandi

Tejus Dasandi

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First Name * Tejus
Last Name * Dasandi
Username * forge104
Country * United Kingdom
City London
Nationality British
Languages English


Preferred Tools MayaPhotoshop3DEqualizerNukeMental RayAfter Effects



My name is Tejus Dasandi, I am a VFX artist from London. I graduated from Escape studios in may 2012. I have since worked on two short films, as an FX technical director for Jellyfish pictures and as a 3D modeller & texture artist for Cosmic Joke. I am writing to you in regards to applying to the Environment Artist position as advertised on CGSociety
I am looking for work within 3D VFX and I felt that this could be a good opportunity for me.
The software I use is Maya and Photoshop as well as Nuke and After Effects. I have also had some exposure to ZBrush.
I have done quite a bit of modelling, from buildings to musical instruments to swords as well as creating textures and shaders for these. I also have created UV maps for all my models. I have also done a lot of work with particles - including using sprites.
My work can be seen on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/tdasandi it also includes my main showreel.

I am a career changer, previously I worked in the web development & IT support fields for 10 years where I gained a lot of practical coding experience as well as customer/client facing skills.
I am a quick study and can learn new skills very quickly. I am keen to get into the games industry as a 3D artist and have spent a lot of time and money towards this career.

All the work in the showreel and youtube channel was done by me. I can also provide references regarding my work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I look forward to hearing from you